The TWMC Student Association was found in 2018 to serve as a community where students would be able to connect with others and grow as a team. The members of the association would help support each other through the learning process; working as a team allows the students to grow faster than they would've if they were studying individually, thanks to the healthy competition between them. Many members would contact each other and team up to attend competitions, and would often win many prizes in international math competitions. Students would encourage each other to do better and wouldn't treat each other negatively, regardless of the results of the competitions. Because of the students' passion in math, many would attend different math camps to grow in their mathematical abilities. Although the members are passionate about studying and gaining knowledge, they also believe that it is important to care for the people in your community and help those who are in need. 

We really love math and the process of solving problems, we wish that our team will continue to grow larger and stronger. It's fun to study math, but it will be more fun if we are all together.

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A teacher once told me the story of a old man who is an expert at giving speeches. He works as the consultant of many large companies, and many are willing to pay him hundreds of thousands of dollars of money for him to speak for a mere hour. His life moto is "what you can do, I can too"; this phrase is posted on many large billboards in many large cities. One day a young man called the expert speaker's company after seeing one of the billboards, and he told the expert's secretary that he could walk across a long piece of metal slab that's heated to over a thousand degrees celcius. The secretary, who though the young man was making a joke, decided to tell the expert about his claims. The old man thought of his moto and wanted to prove himself, so he rented a large stadium and invited people from over the country to come and watch him and the young man walk across the hot metal slab. Before anybody could speak a word, the expert stepped on the red hot metal and walked across it. A large portion of his skin stuck to the metal and was torn from the man's feet, he fell to the ground and was sent to the hospital. During his stay at the hospital, the man saw a news report of a karate master who is able to split a 20-layer wood stack with his bare hands. The expert speaker thought about his moto again, so he countacted the karate master and asked to meet him. The man told the karate master that he only has 5 minutes to learn how to split the entire stack of wood, the karate master told him that it's impossible since it would take at least 5 years. The expert told the karate master that he is capable of learning it in a short time, and that there are three steps you have to take in order to learn something. Step one is to have faith in what you do, step two is to figure out a strategy, and step there is to try your best. After finishing the story, the teacher asked us what we would say if we had a large stack of wood in front of us too. I said that I would crush the wood and break through, and he told me that my mind and my will is very strong. I want to help people and I will put in as much strength as if I was breaking through a pile of wood. 

By Paris Lai, President of the TWMC Student Association 23/7/2020


A word from the President of the TWMC Student Association