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The TWMC Student Association was found in 2018 to serve as a community where students would be able to connect with others and grow as a team. The members of the association would help support each other through the learning process; working as a team allows the students to grow faster than they would've if they were studying individually, thanks to the healthy competition between them. Many members would contact each other and team up to attend competitions, and would often win many prizes in international math competitions. Students would encourage each other to do better and wouldn't treat each other negatively, regardless of the results of the competitions. Because of the students' passion in math, many would attend different math camps to grow in their mathematical abilities. Although the members are passionate about studying and gaining knowledge, they also believe that it is important to care for the people in your community and help those who are in need. 

We really love math and the process of solving problems, we wish that our team will continue to grow larger and stronger. It's fun to study math, but it will be more fun if we are all together.

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Helping allows us to connect with others, create stronger communities, and help build a happier society for everyone. It's not all about money - we can also give our time, ideas and energy to help those who are in need. If we all work together, we will be able to help the community and support the people. I had lived with my grandma for many years, and I've never understood why she would smile even after using up a lot of her energy and resources to help those around her. I worked as a member of the school council of a Christian school that plans and hosts many charity events. Through these events, I've worked with many compassionate people and have learned a lot of knowledge. I pondered on what grandma has told me and what I've learned from everybody from the events and from school, I finally understand why grandma smiles - because "it's more blessed to give than to receive". I want to inspire everyone and spread this ideal to the world.

By Charlie Lai, President of the TWMC Student Association 31/5/2022


A word from the President of the TWMC Student Association


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